Brazilian. 26 year-old

Singer. Songwriter


Aquarius with a rising sign of Pisces, Lisa Kalil was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where she lived until finding New York City as her second home, in 2011.

VITRAIS (translation: Stained Glass), is her debut album, and was released in December 2017.

Nominated to the 16th Independent Music Awards, in 2018, as best debut album, Vitrais presents her own compositions along  with classics of Brazilian and French popular music presented in different rhythms of Jazz, Bossa, MPB and Baiao (Regional Northeastern Brazilian rhythm). 

 The album was funded by crowdfunding campaign on Kickante (a Brazilian Kickstarter), and received support of R$ 30,000 . Lisa worked with Brazilian Musical Producer and Bassist Marcos Paiva and recorded her album with Beto Mendonça, in São Paulo, Brazil.


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